Instructions for taking the test:

Choose the statements from the list below which most describe you or relate to what’s important to you - those are “ME”.

“NOT ME” means that they are just not you.

If you are not sure or not totally positive or negative about them, then say, “DON’T CARE.”

Oops! It looks like you missed a question. Please answer all questions.
Me Don’t care Not me Statement
I know there is truth in the old superstitions
My greatest concern is, will my people (my family) survive
I have a pocket piece or other thing I carry for luck
Whenever I enter a new area, I always ask for permission
Taboos keep all of us safe
Everybody knows everybody else in the area where I live, and I like that
The problem today is that we have forgotten the ways of our ancestors
I avoid bad spirits and bad energy
I live according to the ways of my ancestors
We need protection and the ancient ways give us that protection