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Values And the Evolution of Consciousness

Learn more about how Values play out in our world, the way they inspire conflict and what to do about it.

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"As far as we look back in our history, we have searched for ways in which to explain the mystery of our motivations, behaviours, relationships, and overall the meaning of our existence in the face of a mysterious universe.  Why do we live? Why do we die? What is this life about?" ~ Adriana James, Values And the Evolution of Consciousness, 2016

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"Adriana James has inspired me to think beyond the boundaries of what I previously thought to be possible, leading by example her presence can spark true transformation"

Kallum Hock
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"Adriana James has been an incredible influence and a wonderful mentor.  When we met, I was incredibly stuck and searching for tools to breakthrough barriers that kept me hostage to myself. Thank you for all that you do, your knowledge is endless and thanks to your guidance - I know I can do ANYTHING I choose."

Chandell Labbozzetta
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